Warehousing & Logistics

Our 4-acre site in Kingston-Upon-Hull has the capacity to hold 4,000 pallets of finished cartons for our customers.

Unlike other carton converters, our bespoke on-site storage facility allows customers to hold their goods with us on a call-off basis.  This provision is a cost-effective solution to organisations wanting to reduce material stock; we offer comprehensive rates well below those of third-party storage and logistics companies.  In addition, we only store the cartons we manufacture, so there’s no possibility of cross-contamination from any external goods. 

Our top of the range ‘Flexi’ fork trucks allow us to utilise our warehouse space to its maximum.

Flexi-trucks reduce the need for a turning circle compared to standard forklifts, thus allowing us to erect racking closer together and subsequently create more rows in the warehouses.  Our fleet of all-electric, zero emission forklifts are not only environmentally friendly, but a necessity when dealing with cartons for the food and healthcare industries. 

When it comes to delivering cartons, we operate our own fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  Our vehicles only deliver the cartons we manufacture, they don’t carry any other material and they are not used by anyone other than us.  We believe in making the highest quality cartons within our industry, therefore it’s important that they arrive at the customer in the same way.