Carton Innovation

Our design studio is the hub of our operation, it’s here that concepts are originated and worked through to reality.

Our design facilities centre around our CAD systems and once coupled with our expert team of designers, we can provide virtual or physical mockups of a vast range of cartons. 

Packaging design briefs are as varied as our cartons; some customers know their exact specifications, dimensions, materials and all other relevant information required for the carton construction.

Utilising the latest IT systems our customers can see their carton development taking place remotely on screen. 

On the other hand, we have many customers who have a product which requires a complete packaging solution.

We can digitally engineer a carton to meet customers’ requirements, plot it out electronically, and send a physical sample within a few hours.  We can then work with our customer to fine tune the design – for example: apertures, hangers, extensions – all the essential ingredients to deliver optimum packaging performance. 

We aim to develop cartons which complement our customers own production processes and enhance rather than compromise their production efficiencies. 

When it comes to working on high speed, high volume automated packing lines, our customers know they can rely on us to identify any potential problems and provide the technical expertise to solve them.

Through rationalisation and the development of new carton configurations, we can also produce substantial savings and provide real added value to customers carton requirements.