Eco-friendly packaging

We care about the environment

We know you care about the environment, and at Kingston Carton we care about the environment too. Our cartons are made from one of the most sustainable natural resources on the planet; Trees! Sustainably managed forests are farmed so that when one tree is cultivated, several more are planted, leading to an average forest growth rate in Europe of 0.8m ha/year (Europeanwood.org).

What goes around...comes around

Carton board can be recycled through a closed loop system, meaning your carton can come back around as another carton several times over when correctly disposed of. On top of this, should a carton find itself outside of the recycling loop, the carton can naturally biodegrade or even compost back in to the earth. In many cases we can trace an individual carton back to the very forest its raw materials came from.

It’s not only the carton board that’s kind to the environment, it’s the way we manufacture the cartons too. All of our manufacturing processes are implemented with a view to protecting the environment, from our mineral oil free production systems and our bespoke waste segregation recycling system all the way through to operating a number of electric vehicles, we take the environment seriously.


The label provides a link between responsible production and responsible consumption and helps the consumer to make socially and environmentally responsible buying decisions. Using the logo signifies that the product comes from responsible sources — environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. Certificates can be downloaded from our Accreditations page

Combatting Carbon

We are able to offer customers the chance to capture the CO2 emissions from the supply of the carton board used to make their cartons. The additional value goes towards the planting of new trees throughout the UK. CO2 impact is independently calculated and verified, and customers have the chance to offset this amount. Customers will receive a certificate to support their carbon offset, along with the entitlement to use a logo on their packaging.