Graphic Design

Graphic design is critical in portraying your product to your customer base

Eye-catching artwork grasps attention and draws a customer to your product over the competition.  Visual communication with the customer is paramount as it is the main driver in enticing customers to try your product. 

If you have your own artwork, we can easily migrate this on to the packaging. If you require any amendments to existing artwork or if you would like us to develop new artwork for you, we have a team of inspiring Designers to bring your visions to reality.

Printing ink is an effective way of making your packaging stand out in an environmentally friendly way.

Replacing non-recyclable foil blocking with silver or gold coloured ink, and replacing plastic windows with striking visual images are just some of the ways our Graphic Designers can help promote your product in an eco-conscious way. 

We have state-of-the-art proofing systems at the pre-press and print stage which allows us to automatically check the consistency of artwork from sign off to delivery. 

To add a finishing touch, your artwork can be treated with a range of coatings, from simple gloss or matt, through to a range of specialist features such as soft, rough or wet touch. 

Whatever your product and whatever your budget, we can come up with bespoke artwork that suits any need.