Conversion of printed or plain sheets involves the process of die cutting, which is the use of knives and rules to cut or crease the cartonboard sheets.

Our machines are capable of integrating a range of features within the carton such as apertures, tear strips, tabs, euro slots, embossing and many more. 

Our die cutting department is equipped with several top of the range Bobst cutting and creasing presses, highly specified with some of the latest technology including camera print registration, automated waste stripping, and pre-press makeready, ensuring full optimisation of production times resulting in efficiencies and low unit cost.

Crease optimisation for high-speed auto-pack cartons are essential on today’s automated packing lines, we ensure the right material, finish and crease formations for each bespoke job.

Our machines are compliant to manufacture food grade work, using food-grade oils and lubricants as standard throughout all our production processes. 

Cartons can be delivered packed direct to pallet or they can be further processed and delivered in bespoke outer packed format.