Alone we can achieve some things, but together we can achieve a lot more

Local community and giving back

Since our foundation in 1917, we have always believed in giving something back to the local community who have supported us for over 100 years. Equally, we couldn’t have done any of this without the fantastic efforts of our colleagues, so we like to support them too.

Making a difference

Charities are chosen by our colleagues every year, with donations made to them at Christmas time. Many of these charities are local and are close to the hearts of our workforce.

Our colleagues regularly carry out their own fundraising and sponsored events, which Kingston Carton often helps to support along the way.


We have welcomed local students on several occasions in to our graphic design studio, to help them complete work experience. We have also donated materials to local schools and sponsored their sports teams on several occasions.

We have supported businesses by giving them personal protective equipment (PPE) and other hygiene products to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charitable Donations


Sponsored local sports team

Sponsoring Colleagues

Charity fundraising activities

Team building

Work Experience